Male Waxing Services
in Charlotte


Brow Shaping


Creates a defined brow shape & design

Full Face


Includes cheeks, chin, upper lip, forehead, nostrils & brows



Cheeks/Sideburns/Side of Face


Upper Lip









Half Arm


Removes hair from upper or lower arm / Lower arm includes hands & fingers

Full Arm


Removes hair from wrist to shoulder / Includes hands & fingers

Hands & Fingers




Lower Leg


Removes hair from knee to ankle / Includes feet & toes

Upper Leg


Removes hair from hip to knee / Does not include feet & toes

Full Leg


Removes hair from hip to ankle / Includes feet & toes

Feet & Toes




Removes hair from neckline to waistline



Removes hair from upper and lower torso





Removes all hair on and around the nipples

Stomach Strip


Removes hair from belly button to pant line

Full Stomach


Removes hair from bra line to pant line

Below the Belt

The Manzilian - The Full Monty


By popular demand! / Removes all hair – Includes between the cheeks

The Speedy In-Betweeny


Removes hair outside of a thong pant line / Includes between the cheeks

The Speedo


Removes hair from top and sides / Does not include between the cheeks

Le Propre Derriere


Removes the hair on the bum cheeks / Includes between the cheeks

Between the Cheeks


Nuff said!

Tinting Service

Brow Tint


Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal that removes the hair from the root. Hair re-growth will not be seen for an extended amount of time, and upon returning, hair has been know to have a finer texture. Repeated use of waxing methods encourages less hair re-growth over time and is offered in hard and strip form.

Almost any area of the body can be waxed safely, from the face to the body. It is not recommended to receive waxing services if you are currently using Retin-A, Glycolic Acid face cream, undergoing Accutane treatment, or have undergone recent laser procedures. If you are using Retin-A or Glycolic Acid face cream, please stop using it 1 week before receiving waxing services. Waxing Tip At least 1/2 inch of hair is required for body waxing services.