Top Female and Male Brazilian Wax in Charlotte, NC

Ditch the extra bristle unleash your inner ROCKSTAR

Wax away your unwanted hair and have fun while doing it.

Does the thought of being waxed give you some funny feelings? You’re not alone.

Many people feel weird about waxing. It’s normal to wonder what’s going to happen in your nether regions 🫢

Plus, the fear of pain and discomfort scares most dudes and ladies. People just like you feel like they’re hiding behind all their unwelcome hair, too.


Never fear,

better waxing is here!

Lily Pad Spa is where you conquer what’s holding you back so you can transform into the smooth you and shine like a star.

Meet Your Waxing Therapist*

Hey, friends! My name is Lily and I’m bringing over a decade of professional hair removal experience with a side of comedic calming techniques! 😆

I specialize in easing your nerves so you can feel confident in your skin. 🦸‍♂️

* My lawyer is reminding me to tell you that I’m not actually a therapist. That was a joke. See, waxing can be fun!!

Hear from clients who walked in nervous and walked out confident.

(images are post-wax, internal representations only…)

She is so fun and personable. We laugh the whole time I am there. She does a fantastic job too. She is the best! I actually look forward to my visits!

Mary L.

She’s the best esthetician in the area. I’ve been to more estheticians than I can name, and Lily tops all of them.

Regan W.

I’ve been to esthetician’s all over this city & she’s by far the best! I have a low tolerance for pain… When I go here it’s quick painless and amazing quality.


Are you ready to step into confidence?

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Worry-Free Waxing Session

Lily will guide you through every step of the way with her caring expertise.

Experience Transformation

Waltz out feeling like a rockstar, confident and carefree.

Our Superstar Services

Male Waxing

Stop worrying about shaving every day and keep that unwanted hair away! At Lily Pad Spa,  you will get the respectable trimmed look you have been waiting for without the hassle. 

Female Waxing

Clean up and have silky smooth skin that shaving doesn’t provide. It lasts longer and does away with shaving cuts. In addition, when the hair grows back it will get progressively thinner and softer over time.

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